Homo Sapiens Jade Demo


One of the iconic skills attributed to Visconti it is its ability to create Demonstrator Pens.ade comes from “pedra de ijada” where ijada means guide. This stone was therefore representing a true guide that every man has to refer to in order to improve his behavior. Jade remove fear and helps to take the right decisions.


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€ 930,00 tasse incl.

  • Extra Fine

Jade is a limited collection made of 188 pcs for the entire world. Based on the iconic Visconti shape of the Homo Sapiens, Visconti demo line has always been a great success with all the collection sold in less than three months with a long waiting list.

The cap is made out from a solid block of specific resin made to fit the high-quality standards of Visconti both in strength and color. But the heart of this collection is the body.The result is a completely translucent body revealing the famous double reservoir filling system.

Pen Size:                             Over

Nib:                                     23Kt. 950 Pd over

Nib size:                              F, M, B, EF, S

Filling System:                    Double reservoir power filler

Material:                             Acrylic resin

Metal trims:                        Sterling Silver 925

Top of the cap:                    the top of the cap of each pen, displays a real jade stone. The stone is fixed to the pen therefore MPS cannot be adopted

Box:                                           Dedicated box with matching colour ink bottle

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