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The nib adjustment is an important and often underestimated service offered by Maurizio Abrami once the choice of pen has been made. If it is essential to evaluate the gradation, it is even more important to "set it" for the uniqueness of the hand that will use it.

The solid gold nib is still made, by necessity, in a process that mainly involves human intervention. This is part of the magic of the nibs made which, in their similarity, are not at all identical to each other.

We can therefore find ourselves trying two pens, with the same Nib Grade, that write in a significantly different way. This is why, once the fountain pen has been sold, I insist on telling the customer "not to settle" but to return to the shop for a check-up that I jokingly call "the MOT". After a week of use, the nib will take the shape of your hand and probably need a little adjustment. No fear: this does not necessarily happen, but experience tells me that an enthusiast feels and sees the differences but also the nuances between one nib and another.

In short: Nib Fitting is essential if I want to be sure that the fountain pen I have purchased is fitted with a nib that expresses itself best in my hand. It is this encounter that makes the nib truly "magical".


How to get the service by ordering online:

Once the pen and nib have been chosen:

The customer sends a scan of a few lines, for example: today is a nice day, written on a sheet of good quality paper indicating what type of pen, ink and paper you used. If possible, you should also send a small video to see the attitude of the hand. Ideally, you should use a pen with similar characteristics to the one you are buying.

According to this, I will model the nib, trying to avoid some "angular" characteristics of the gesture, in order to make the pen stroke pleasant and with the right dimension.

  • light hand: the nib can be helped to start "moving" by widening the slit that separates the two wings of the nib;
  • heavy hand: on the contrary, it can be tightened to reduce the flow;
  • heavy hand: it can also be made more innervated;
  • light hand: or made more flexible;
  • light hand: polishing of the nibs will be appreciated by those who, with a very light hand, have chosen a SuperExtraFine;
  • light hand: while a special polishing will be essential for those who have chosen a Double Broad or an Italic nib despite having a nervous hand;

In some cases the chosen pen does not have the Fine or ExtraFine nib you want, or, for business choices, it has considerably larger iridium nibs (I won't mention names so as not to offend anyone).

The Nib Fitting is also essential in these cases: grading not available: if you have chosen a pen that does not have an extra-fine nib, or one that mounts a generous nib, it is possible to resize the stroke to the desired size.